Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Human billboards

We all know how to make money selling ad space on our blogs, but have you ever thought about selling ad space on your body? There are certain companies who will pay you to be a human billboard.

I originally heard about this on eBay. One man was paid $37,000 to walk around for a week with an ad for a snore remedy on his forehead. I have also read about pregnant women selling ad space on their bellies. (I wish I had thought of that one!)

Last year, another man made $1000 by selling ad space on his arms. He has since started a business,, where you can register for free. His site claims to help you make extra cash by selling ad space on your body, clothes, pets, car, wheelchair, house, or anything else you can imagine. I have a feeling the more creative, the better on this one.

There are companies such as Body Bidz, Body Billboardz, and

I’m not sure which one is the best, but I am going to research this. Would it be wrong to sell ad space on my baby if it went toward her college fund?

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